Are there any winter sports you can enjoy with no snow?

doesn't snow much around here but still want to stay active outdoors during winter.


How do do prefoem a salchow?

I saw on TV where they had ski jumping for olyipic athleats with no snow and it was like a green plastic shingle like meterial but if your looking for somethin to do outside runners run all the time no mater the weather there freeks but I like to play football and soccer all the time even in the cold.

Which activity burns more calories, skiing or snowboarding?

I like to go walking in the winter. If it's not snowy or icy, I can put on some warm clothes and go for a nice walk. :-)

How do you adjust flow bindings to a different angle?

ping pong..


Yes, ice skating, ice hockey and go swimming (no kidding! Many people go swimming at the Northpole or Seweden).

What are lift tickets used for? Do I need one for snowboarding, snowmobiling, dogsledding?

There is no REAL WINTER SPORTS you an do with no snow

Lecht this weekend?

Be careful of winter or cold weather activities. Breathing in cold air causes your heart rate to sky rocket. So if ice skating or hockey is your thing, wear a scarf over your mouth, or pick up ice fishing.

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