Anyone out there like to skate?

Just asking, because i love to skate.


Where can I find the SWOT analysis on Burton snowboards?

Yes I love to skate!!

Where in the north east (uk) is the best place to go sledging?

Of course, I was practically raised on the ice, between my sister figure skating and me playing hockey.

What snowboard should I buy and how do I get better at it?

I havent tried ice skating..but I love rollerblading.

Any advise about skate skiing?

yes,ice n roller

Has anybody been on a solo skiing holiday to Banff, Canada ?

I was an ice skater for many years, as well as a coach. I loved it, and still love going for fun once in a while. I miss the competitive aspect of it now.

Who is your favorite snowboarder?

UR A DEE DEE DEE tahts not even a question go to if ur so freakin desperate

What is a good ski area in NH?

yes I was raised in Michigan when lakes and creeks use to freeze over in the winter.

Music for snowboard vid?

I see that your question is in Ice Skating, but I was hoping to roll in with my love of roller skating. I LOVE to roller skate. Love it!
Now IF I could stay on my feet long enough to learn to Ice Skate, I would be floating gracefully across the ice the way I do in my dreams. I love the thought of Ice Skating! But I mostly butt skate on the ice, sorry to say.

Is it true that snowboarding is harder to learn than skiing?

I love skating! I've been skating since I was little - we grew up with a pond in the back yard that would freeze over. Now I can't wait until our local rink opens up!

Skiing and Snowboarding?

id like to, but i live in saudi arabia. but i love to watch cuz its the only thing i can do. :)

its awesome that u do!

Is Shaun White and Sasha Cohen gonna get togehter??

i love ice skating and wish there was some one who wolud come with me, lol. Its my dream, but i have no one at all to go with to the rink to skate during public sessions. Where to you skate? e-mail me, lol. Stace xxx

Weight For Snowboarding?

me, I love it! Anytime I can get my parents to take me, I go ! I skate almostevery day :)

Do you have any interesting facts about skiing in N.H?

Yeah dude!

Working at a ski resort?

definitely! im in basic 2.

Snow Skiing?

Yeah, I've been skating for 10 years. I miss it more then anything. The ice rink closed, i quit, its the hardest thing i've ever done in my life.

Who is the best Snowmobile Racer in the history of Snowmobile racing?

Yes I love to skate. It is so hard for me to stay off the ice with most of my pain gone (I've had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for the past year and a half so I haven't been able to skate) I want to skate so badly, but my parents won't let me and it's so hard for me.

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