Best warm socks for winter? My feet are cold ALL the time in winter, even with thick wool socks.?


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I'm a truck driver and out on the road in the cold winters. I also suffer from chronic cold feet and my doctor said my circulation is good. I found an insole that keeps my feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I can't believe it, but now I have these insoles in every pair of shoes I own. At $12.95 a pair it is a bargain for me. I highly recommend this product. Here's the website to check them out.

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Go to a sporting goods story and find the hunting department. Ask the clerk for battery operated warming socks. Like of guys use them for deer hunting when walking or sitting in the woods.

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instead of socks it sounds like you need to see a doctor. sounds like you have poor circulation

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I agree with the other person...socks can only provide so much warmth. I think most people find their feet get cold a little, but can deal with it. If your feet get tingly cold no matter what sock/boot combination you use, chances are you do have poor circulation.

Exercise can help with that though, by training your body to send more blood out to the extremities. Try biking for starters, or swimming. Any cardio workout will help in that department.

Some other strategies:

Stamp your feet regularly, swing your legs...this helps get blood to the far-off places.

Wiggle your toes. Same thing.

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Try wearing silk socks. Try improving your blood circulation, mainly with regular exercises, like walking.

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i usually wear soccer socks under my pants in the winter. also to keep ur feet warm tru shoes that have a fuzzy insole. mmmm cozy..

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