A ski resort near tahoe friendly to young kid (3.5 years old)?


I have a 3.5 years old kid and I am planning to go skiing with her but I am not sure she is old enough to learn skiing. I think there must be some resorts providing more friendly slope and beginner class to young kids near Tahoe lake. Thanks!


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I've been to almost all of the mountains in tahoe both north and south. I've been a professional ski patroller and patrol instructor for 10 years. In my opinion, Northstar is the most "family friendly" resort, although it tends to get very crowded. They have toddler lessons for parents and child - you should check it out. Btw, in my professional opinion, 3.5 years old is not too young. Great to get started early!

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3 and a half might be a bit young, but it depends where at Tahoe you are talking about. Mt. Rose has good programs for kids and some relatively easy terrain. Northstar has a huge area for kids as does Sierra-at-Tahoe. Mt. Rose is close to Reno, Northstar is near Truckee and Sierra is at South Shore.

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