Best dry ski slope near london?

Have tried Brentwood and was wondering if there is anywhere where the slope is longer and steeper? Am rather restricted in that I don't have a car, so have to be able to get there by public transport. Any suggestions?


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I would thoroughly recommend Ipswich dry ski slope at Wherstead. It is brilliant with both a good downhill run and mogul area. I know that it would not be easy for you to get to but try and make a day of it. They have an excellent restaurant for meals and drinks and a ski equipment shop. The other one that you might be able to access by public transport without too much hassle is Harlow which is based at their Leisure Centre. Of course don't forget the snowdome at Milton Keynes. I haven't visited that one but the one in Staffordshire is brilliant. Hope you get to try Ipswich, you will find the people there very friendly. Have fun!

Mammoth Mountain?

Milton Keynes, you can go by train

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theres 1 in Beckton but i never seen it mail me n tell me aswell if u find out!

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Definately Milton Keynes.

Becton's closed down a few years ago. It's now part of the East London regeneration and is being turned into a swimming pool!

Milton Keynes is the big one. It's right in the heart of Milton Keynes and easy to get to by train.

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