Are Pocket sized Skate sharpener Any Good?

Question:Hi i have been looking around for a Pocket sized Skate sharpener, just to keep the ice skate blade sharp between lessons. Is it worth me buying one, or should i keep sharpening the blades with a machine every 8 hours on the ice.


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not worth it, they in some cases make your blades worse.

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There is a small stone designed for skate honing,thats taking the abrasive edge off your blade edges which is almost always the problem unless you are engaged in power skating.Ask a pro. skate sharpener for one and how 2 use it. By the way even in power skating U need the stone 2 B any good,as in any form of skating.

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No they totally suck

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it depends how good quality your blades are. if you were a professional skater you wouldn't use one but get them done by someone who can do it properly. if you skate for fun then i don't think it matters but they can ruin your blades. so if i were you i wouldn't, its not worth it. just get them done every 6 weeks or so by the people who do it professionally

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