Best place to find great ski holiday deals?

I'm a huge ski-ing fanatic, but I don't want to have a hole the size of Brazil in my bank balance. I have all my own gear including skis, boots etc. Any tips to finding cheap deals in a good resort?


Are LTD snowboards a good brand of board?

I own a chalet business called Boarding Bansko.
Please search for us in a few weeks time on the web to see our website!
Hope to see you out there.
It really is as cheap as they say

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Try Bulgaria! Not up to the greatest standards but cheap and exciting.

When buying second hand snowboard gear what must one look out for?

In Bulgaria

Where can i find ski strips for rails?

used both of these for late deals...only good if you can go when you want though...

What is your favriote type of skis?

Deals and Holidays are not too often found in the same sentence when it comes to skiing. One exception can be Thanksgiving which in some areas in some years can have good snow and the crowds are still on the side low with people thinking football, Turkey and Christmas shopping. The catch here is that you have to be within driving distance or you will get killed on airfare for Thanksgiving with everyone travelling.

What size snowboard should i buy?

Really depends where you are. I either drove to places, and got a rinky-dink motel somewhere nearby, or flew to places where I knew people, and crashed with them. They were always skiers anyways, and we just went in their cars to the different resorts.

Not much in the way of cheap if you don't know people. Keep an eye out for deals in out of the way places though, such as Idaho. They always run promotions to get people up there.

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Go to Livigno in Italy. There are better quality runs than bulgaria and it costs about the same because the resort is tax free.
We went there last night and the nightlife was really good as well

Alright let me tell you?

. . . for the best deals check out the Ski exhibition at Earls Court. The best western european ski-centres all compete on price and special offers. If not try a third world country like Bulgaria though after the government announced intended restrictions on Bulgarians coming to work in the UK you may not be too popular (if you do go, remember to check your luggage on the way home for stowaways) . . .

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