Anything similar I can do to snowboarding?

Question:Is there anything similar I can do in the spring/summer? I can't really go snowboarding again(money issue) so can I do something related that would count somewhat as snowboarding? I can't do skateboarding-I already asked.

This is for my project...I have to get at least 7 more hours to complete my project product.


When Did Grenade Gloves Start?

freebording :-) check it at

How long does it take to be able to learn an axel?

sand boarding

What will i need to wear for my first time skiing?


Who was in Ana Arce's calendar?

Possibly surfing or wakeboarding.

What is your opinion on Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort?

Don't know the name of it but it's like off road skate boarding. It's a huge board with toe grips, and shocks. Almost like 'mountain boarding' or something like that.

Snowboard tuning Little help and advice needed?

When I was younger, I used to hooky-bob, that is waiting as cars go by, and typically getting permission, and then grabbing onto the rear bumper or whatever and be pulled around by the car in a kneeled position, until it was either too fast to hold on or they stopped. It was fun and didn't cost a thing.

..!?Do you like snow?!..?

sandboarding (you can use a snowboard if u dnt mind some tiny scratches), wakeboarding, use somethin similair shape to a snowboard and ducktape old shoes down onto it and there u got a roadboard

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I thought it was called mountain boarding too, which is the dry land equivalent of snowboarding. If you don't live near water (wakeboarding, surfing, etc) this is a great option, and thank you to the other poster for putting up the link to I think I'm going to pick one up!

Beginner snowboarder.?

There is this thing called FreeBoard that is really cool.Check it out here:

It is really fun

Looking for a snowboard?

dude go skateboarding.ive been skateboarding for 8 years!

Daniel whiston birthday?

freebording, its just like snowboarding but on the streets. to order one go to

I'm going to skate for the 1st time on ice... any tips?

wakeboarding, skateboarding, or even skim boarding...they r all very fun.

Where can i buy a ice hockey skate in singapore? good brands?

surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, waveboarding, sandboarding,

pretty much any type of boarding would help. i would say from experience that surfing and skateboarding help keep you in good shape and practice for snowboarding.

Where is the best best place to ski in January?

surf wake board sand

Does anyone know any forums for Lake tahoe skiing, to car-pool / accomodation share etc?

Why don't you try wakeboarding? It's a lot similar to snowboarding, except you're on water and instead of momentum from gravity, you get your momentum from being pulled by a boat.

Where should we go for a cheap, good beginner snow resort in EUROPE for 24th feb?

try wakeboarding, or you could do aggresive inline skateing. but the closest thing to snowboarding. it skateboarding

Where is a good place to buy oce skates for figure skating?

freebord. its like snowboarding on pavement. a freebord is like a skateboard with extra large trucks and binding type things. it also has a 360 pivoting wheel on each truck so you can slide and drift into switch. the wheels on the trucks act like the edge and the 360 pivoting wheels act like the base. they're sick

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