Anyone hooked on curling?

It started with the Olympics and that early morning all night coverage last year. Then I found a club,. Now I curl 3 times a week, and would do it more. Addicted to draw weights, take outs, peel shots, guards, wicks, double take outs oooooooh!


Best hiking trail in winter?

I got hooked before the Olympics. Since I live close to the Canadian Border, we get CBC tv, so I've watched the CBC coverage of tournaments during the winter weekends.
We even went to a Tournament of Hearts game in London last year because we wanted to see it LIVE.
It's addictive and take skill and a bit of luck.

I want to be a professional ice skater at the 2014 olympics, do you think I could get there?

My province of NEWFOUNDLAND is doing well with ,a team The Brad Gushue Team won the worlds last year and watching them created quite a bit of interest in Curling here in this Province then and again this year. It takes a lot of skill that I didn't realize .Sounds like good clean fun.

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YUp i love it soo much. Ive been curling for about 5 years now. im 16:) love love love it:P u meet alot of great people to.

Snowboard Forums?

Like a fish

Who else can't wait for winter so you can go snowboarding?

all i have to say is what the hell is with that dame broom what the hell are the sweeping for

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