Any tips for first timer?

I'm going to go snowboarding for the first time in November and tips or suggestions?


Is you heel suppose to slide while making toe turns snowboarding?

Lessons are the most important. You may be tempted to just go for it, thinking you might save money...big mistake. You will waste the cost of a pass, and get frustrated and bruised up.

Well, you will probably get bruised up anyways, but at least with the instructor you will be more in control and know what is going on.

Where really good mittens. You will be in the snow quite a bit!

Is Mayrhofen a good place for snowboarding / bars / prices?

don't give up! OK

Which snowboard do I need?

i would suggest taking some lessons from the resident ski teacher that is where you are going for at least an hour to get the basics down. it helped me a great deal. my friend didnt want the lessons and i ended up snowboarding right by him down the hill

Stunt safety airbag to buy for snowboarding ramp jump?

DONT GIVE UP Thats the main part
When I first started snowboarding i hated it because i wasnt good at all and i would always fall and it was very weird...but everytime i fell i learned something and got better and better and now I LOVE SNOWBOARDING!!!

Just dont give up!!

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