About skiing?

If you are 5' 10", what size skis do you need?


Who were they?

if your a really good skier you should go for 175's or 180's...but if your anything less, go for shorter skiis like 165's, in the end you'll have more control and wont go a 100 the second you straighten out...

Whats your favourite snowboard company?

depend on yopur shoe sizw

Is there a snowboard binding that allows you to adjust the position of your front foot without removing the bo

The people that sell them will fit you into a pair. Don't worry about it. They are specialists. Just pick your place and go: they'll take care of the rest.

Does anyone have any tips for landing a 180 on a snowboard?

water or snow?

Does anybody know of any sick snowboard helmets? Really cool ones?

how good of a skier are ya?? are you advanced? novice? it depends on those things, your boots size will depend on the size of your feet.

When was figure skating invented?

the people that you rent or buy your skies from should know that information depends on shoe size and how advanced you are

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