Anyone ever ski/board Pebble Creek Ski Area near Pocatello, Idaho?

I'm sure there isn't a ton of people who will answer this, but if you're ever in southeastern Idaho during the winter visit Pebble Creek. Extreamly difficult area.


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It's already closed for the season. Not enough snow here. It's been closed for weeks.

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wasn't to bad.. kinda got bored with it

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Obviously your not a beginner, but you need to be not much worse than Shawn White to go on Stacey's. Trust me. It's brutal. And another thing is that not to try go night snowboarding because it gets REALLY icey. I live in Pocatello{actually a suburb of it, Chubbuck}, so I go to Pebble about 2-3 times a year. It's nice, except the lodge is really crowded.
If you want to go camping, than there is a campground on the other side of the mountain.

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