Approximately how much would it cost to get figure skates sharpened here in the US?


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It really depends where you are, who is doing the sharpening, how fancy of a sharpening you want, etc. I used to drive 50 miles round trip and paid 20 bucks to get my skates sharpened, and I can't remember the exact raidus, but I always got mine really sharp for a freestlye skater, almost as sharp as most ice dancers get theirs done. I've had it done for as little as 10 at the pro shop at my home rink, but the guy who did it did mostly hockey skates and only did a passable job with figure skates, only went to him when I really needed a sharpening and didn't have time to drive 50 miles for it.

I'm sure sharpenings could run more, I'd think it really depends on the blade (hockey or figure, whereas speed skaters I know do their own sharpening, nobody around to do it for them and it doesn't require much equipment) and how fancy it is, and how good of a job you want done with it, and where you are and how in demand your skate sharpener is.

My recommendation is to talk to other skaters and coaches and see who they like, try out different sharpeners, and then become really loyal to the one that does it best. But have a backup sharpener as well that you know can do a passable job in a pinch, just in case your regular one leaves town (mine did years ago... and he charged... I think 8 bucks... but that was almost 10 years ago, and I didn't have the fanciest blades around) or if the one you're loyal to is far away or expensive and you need something quick, cheap, close to home, and good enough for the time being.

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probably around 50 dollars

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I get mine sharpened ALL the time. Its really CHEAP.


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I'm really not sure an I should know cause I'm a skater. I'm guessing somewhere between 15 and 30 dollars.

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I can't believe people are saying $50! Here in Hawaii it's $5, and everything costs more here.

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it costs $15 where i go but in other places it might be a dollar or two more. It just depends on where u live. It also depends on how much time u leave ur skates with them. If u leave them overnight, it'll cost about $10 if u leave them over night but about $15 if u have them sharpened right away.

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approximately $5-$15 depending where you go

I've never heard of charging $50! That's horrible, becuase I get my skates sharpened once a month since I practice so much and that would really add up

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Were I get them done it's about 10-20 dollars I could go to a more expensive place but it's only more expensive because it's a big store, I go to a man who owns a small business he sells skates, sharpen's them and has is own rink and he know's exactly how I like them to be sharpened so I don't see the point of going to a more expensive place when I get the same quality for a lot cheaper.

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I live in Singapore and they charge aroun $8 to get them sharpened.

$50 is crazy.

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