Anyone know a cheap place to fix a yamaha srx700 (snowmobile)?

I'm looking for a place to fix my 2001 Yamaha srx700. I was in an accident on January 29 of this year. I love this sled, but I can't find a cheap place to fix it up. All the places I took it to were too much. It cost more to fix the sled than what it's worth. The entire front right section of the snowmobile is torn off. It definetly needs a new ski, shock system and steering. If anyone would answer my question I would appreciate it. I really want to get my sled fixed before the next snowfall.


Best board for terrain park? (especially rails)?

call around, ask for the prices, but it'll cost a lot to get it repaired. I suggest looking for another sled. Go to a someone who sell used snowmobiles and ask for the same sled. Hopefully you still have a longer season, since im all done for the year.

What skis are you skiing on this winter?

Personally, I would suggest buying a new sled.
But you can most likely get a mechanic or handyman to fix it easily. Search your yellow pages and you should find a decent sled shop or mechanic

Ice skates?

If I Knew what part of the earth U are in perhaps I could suggest something.

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