Best board for terrain park? (especially rails)?

Just hit my first rail Friday, and now I cna't stop. I've got a Sims Impulse board and some brand new Burton Cartel bindings. I'm coming into some money in a couple weeks, and was wanting some suggestions as to the best freestyle boards I could buy, especially for hitting rails.


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the best two jibbing boards are the K2 WWW and the rome artifact.

Overlooked sport?

at they have all that information and rail boards its awsome!

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forum jiblets are great for. well, jibbing. the rome artifact is also a great park board, that's the board i will be buying next. what i currently own is a burton blunt, which is great for all round park, but the burton dominant is better for jibbing.

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the '07 burton dominant is by far the best.. it has a round edge that you can never catch... but i've snapped 2 in half this year... covered by a warranty

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