Are the Burton Phantom Pant & Jacket good for snowboarding?

I had my Burton board all this past season and I loved it. But I am buying new stuff for next season and I'm going to buy it now while it is on sale. I found the Burton Phantom Pant & Jacket and it looks really nice. I just wanted to know if the jacket is heavy enough for snowboarding and if the pants are good.


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The phantom set up would be fine. The Jacket has some cool features and the pant and jacket are pretty warm. If you are riding in colder temperatures I would suggest throwing on a fleece and some sweatpants on under.

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Burton's Men's Audex Welded Cargo Jacket lets you ride connected and protected. The next time a wicked storm hits, call in sick, head for the hills, turn up your favorite tunes and tear it up—it's easy with the Audex Welded jacket's Bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth connectivity built in, this jacket allows you to operate compatible personal electronics, music players, and cell phones without running a jumble of wires through your jacket. Burton brought welded seams from their other high-tech gear to make the Audex stronger, more durable, and less likely to leak in extremely wet weather. Welding also has the benefit of improving the coat's drape for a better fit and a buttery-soft feel. This 3-layer waterproof Cargo jacket remains highly breathable in any condition. Underarm vents, Burton's Crossflow venting, and venting chest pockets also cool you off in a hurry if you decide to hike for some untracked pow

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Ya, they're pretty good for downhill!

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buy them before it is alll taken. it also dependz, is it compforable?

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i have the jacket but not the pants

i didn't get wet whenit was pouring rain during a whole school football game and its warm but u can wear it when its still not that cold, if its freezin wear a sweatshir under it i haven't gotten cold once

i assume the pants are the same

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