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I got a ticket to killington mt. as a preasent from my sister this Christmas and I will be going snowboarding with her this Jan. or Feb. I was just wondering what I should expect for the first time I go snowboarding ? Oh and are there any tips ?? Oh and last thing is Killington mt. a good snowboarding mt. ?


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For you, Killington will be great. If you become an accomplished rider someday, you will want to move on (it's too crowded there), but you should have a blast.


Just one: GET A LESSON. Since the ticket is already free, ante up the $30 or so for a beginners lesson. While it seems pricey, you will be much happier in the me!

Wear good, warm mitts, and a good pair of snow pants. You will be falling a lot during your lesson, but once you get the hang of it, should be smooth sailing.

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Is Killington a good snowboarding mt? Well, since you've never gone before, any vertical surface is a good mt to go snowboarding, because you'll mostly likely stay on the greens all day unless you pick it up during the day. My tip - takes lots of vitamin I (Tylenol) just in case.

Killington is more crowded than most others in the northeast, from my experience - you asked for tips - kinda hard to put all the tips in one reply, I'd say work on one edge at a time until you got it, never ride flat, always maintain an edge and keep your knees bent at all times, that'll at least get you started. You'll take a number of falls initially but if you keep a good attitude, it's such a rush when you begin to master it.

Good luck,

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i don't no bout the moutain but if it is your first time snowboarding anywhere will doo

as for tips
be prepared to fall alot
mabi have a lesson first it will make your first time alot more enjoyable and wont put you off the sport
try not put your hands down to stop a fall keep them tucked in and just goo with the fall
try not be too nervous on your board
and keep your movements fluid and not jerky
wear warm clothes and if you can get heat pads for your gloves
don't try doo too much to fast
and just enjoy your self


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I can give you the best piece of advice you will ever get. STAY OFF THE BUNNY SLOPE. You will not get nearly enough speed to turn onto an edge without falling which will frustrate you quickly.

The hardest thing to get used to is the speed. If you've ever skied before that won't be a problem. If you haven't just take it slow and you will get a feel for exactly won't you need to do as long as you are patient. Just be patient, don't get frustrated and for God sake, STAY OFF THE BUNNY SLOPE. Oh yeah. Have Fun

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i went for the first time yesterday. so much fun! only go down the bunny slope once to feel the board a little, then go on to intermediate- it's a lot easier going faster. the snow doesn't hurt so just keep trying! you will get frustrated at first but if you want to learn, you will learn quickly and have lotsa fun. if you don;t have someone to teach you, take a lesson. it may hurt at first, but soon you will become numb (but not cold, don;t know how that works). stretch before and after otherwise you will be even more sore the next day! its like learning how to ride a bike, but instead its finding how to balance on a board. so just keep getting up and pacticing. make sure you can't get wet and good luck!!

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Wear warm clothes! Making your first time fun will make it better to go out again, so do things to make yourself comfortable. You may want to wear wrist guards, but if you're going slow, it's probably not crucial. if you're going on a lift, ask them to slow it down or stop it completely for you to load. If you're going on a tow rope, make sure your board is parallel with the rope so you don't catch your edge and hold on! I would say you could go on either an intermediate or easy hill. I would say getting a lesson would be the ideal way to go, because you'll have soeone with experience teaching you step by step! Try learning how to go on your heel edge, toe edge, how to do toe turn and a heel turn, and then maybe carving, garlands, and falling leaves. You can find out more on

Hope these tips help you, and trust me, snowboarding will be fun, so don't let it get you down if you fall all the way down the hill your first time!

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There are some nice long easy runs on Bear Mountain at Killington... My wife was able to keep up just fine on that side... You'll learn better on the longer greens.

I've always thought packing a bunch of inexperienced snowboarders in a small area on a bunny hill was a recipe for disaster. You'll be better off riding the long greens... the Snowshed crossover was nice... Check out the trail map on and try and map the easiest route down one of the peaks and try that.

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I started snowboarding last year and got the hang of it fast. first, figure out if u are goofy or regular(right foot foward or left foot foward) then u should practice riding a little bit then stopping with your heelside. once u get balance start to use your toe side and try to carve. stay on the bunny hill unless u want to break head.

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