Any good figure skating spins?


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What kind of spins the basics are: one foot, sit, camel, back spin, back sit, back camel, lay-back, flying sit, and flying camel.

Combinations you can do are: sit change to back sit, camel change to back camel (or the other way around back to front) you can also change the edge on any spin.

Some more complicated combinations are (these are ones I have done) for example:camel,sit, lay-back, back sit. or back camel,back sit change of edge, front sit, broken leg, half beilman, one foot change of edge. or flying camel grab into reverse teacup. or back camel, lay over, back sit, grab reverse teacup, one foot change of edge.

These are really fun unique ones: back camel, half loop, front sit. or flying sit, pike (the one where you go all the way down in a sit spin and try to touch your nose to your leg),beilman (if your flexible), and "A" spin

Those are all the ones I can think of right know.

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soon many infact I am now and I'm not even skating yet


I've been figure skating 3 years, depending on your skill level I'd try the one foot scratch spin first, if you haven't done any before, after that move on to back spins, sit spins, camel spins, back scratch spins, then try doing some combinations like camel/sit and then even though it's not a spin, work on your axel, good luck

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Depending on your leval you should go with the one foot spin.

Can anyone tell me...?

Camel spins, sit spins, catch foot, biellmann, try these, they're all pretty good!!

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