Are you allowed to have lyrics in your figure skating program music??

I just wanna know if I can have songs with lyrics as my program music if you compete ladies programs can you have lyrics or does it have to be instrumental?


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It depends on the competition that you are doing. If it just a local competition they don't care as much if you have lyrics to your music or not. As you get to the higher level competitions they don't like to have lyrics. Usually on the entrance forms for a competition under the requirements it will say. It will say the length of the program and whether they can have lyrics or not.

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It can be either way, it doesn't really matter. Though if you are competing USFS then I would suggest instrumental, but lyrics would be find too. ISI doesn't matter at all.

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It depends. Some don't care, some do. The safest thing to do is go with instrumental. Or you could ask someone that would know.
Good luck in your competition!

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In the USFSA, ISU and other competitions sanctioned by national skating bodies, lyrics are banned from competition (excluding dance). For professional competitions and exhibitions, lyrics are acceptable.

From 2007 USFSA Rulebook pg 548 (also applies to ISU)

3501 Music — Singles, Pairs and Dance

3502 For singles, pairs and dance, music is chosen by the competitor except for
compulsory dances;
A. For singles and pairs short program and free skate, vocal music with
lyrics is not permitted;
B. For compulsory dances, the music shall conform with the type and
tempo specified in the description of the dance. See the glossary for
dance diagrams and descriptions;
C. For the original dance and free dance, see event specific rules for

3505 Music — Synchronized Team Skating

3506 For synchronized team skating events:
A. Any music, including vocal music using lyrics, is permitted. However,
teams must skate the program in time to the music. Additions of sounds
of applause or cheers are not permitted;
B. If the music is not according to the requirements as stated, a deduction
of 0.1 must be made in the program components mark.
C. No discernible counting shall be permitted either by the coach, the
leader of the team or by others. Music should be selected that is suitable
for the age, skill and skating ability of the team.

Above rules (c) 2007 USFSA


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in a freeskate program no, but in an artistic program yes.

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it depends. If you are in USFSA, you can not have lyrics in a free program. Or short programs. only artistic. I don't know about the ISI rules... but it's probably the same. YOu can have lyrics in dance.

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You should read the rules for the specific competition. If it's ladies free skate then you can't, but for showcases you can. Usually for most competitions (unless you are doing a showcase performance) there is only instrumental music allowed.

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Well most competition programs don't have words, and the songs with words are usually used for a showcase program (a fun program where you can use props on the ice while you skate)

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