Arctic Cat M8 vs. Polaris Dragon 800 which is better and why?

I am currently stuck between the Arctic Cat M8 and the Polaris Dragon 800 in trying to decide which sled I want to ride next season. I am in utah and ride at high elevations. I love the powder and nothing is better then doing a deep turn. Which one has better balance and power to go deep but still get me upright. I do hill climb and high mark also so I still want a long track. I also like higher handlebars because I am large man. Any extra knowledge that people have will be helpful.


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First of all, the Dragon 800 is available in height 49.5 inches (125.7 centimeters). I am unsure of the height of the Arctic Cat, but most of the specs are here:

The Dragon 800 information is here:

The track width of the Arctic Cat is 15 inches, but the width is not stated for the Polaris Dragon 800.

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Artic Cat M8..know alot of people who love them!

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ARRRRR! Im a Dragon! Go with the better looking one. You can get girls to do it on them

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