Any reviews on volkl race tigers?

thinking of buying some!


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yeah i have pair and love them, get them you dont know what your missing

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Looking at the stats for the Volkl Racetiger, I found it a bit surprising that it did not have a bigger sidecut considering it is a slalom ski.

I skied the Racetiger in a 160 which had around a 12.5 meter radius -- for a slalom ski of this length I would normally expect a radius more around 10 meters. Although there is a publicly available race stock slalom ski from Volkl this year with more aggressive dimensions to boot, you would expect the majority of consumers to plump for this model.

This lack of sidecut really affected the skis performance. It didn't feel at all "edgy" like a slalom ski should, rather the Racetiger SL Racing felt downright mediocre. This was not helped by the fact that the ski is very stiff and light, which is fine if you have legs of steel and are not going to be skiing for long.

On to the plus points however, and an area where the Racetiger did perform was in slow short radius turns. I “think” this comes from the ski being short and stiff which makes it east to pivot/twist. When you crank up the speed the ski grips a bit better but doesn't feel very stable.

In conclusion the Racetiger does not tick the right boxes to be a good slalom ski. In my eyes, a slalom ski should be short, firm, edgy and have a tiny turning radius the Racetiger only fully ticks one of these boxes.

In my opinion, if you want a Volkl slalom ski - go for the P60.

Note: I saw some of the Austrian team on the race stock version (Racetiger SL Race Stock or the factory World Cup versions) and they look like they have a much more aggressive sidecut, so if you can get hold of those it may be a different story.

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