Any advice for getting off the lifts?

I am still a beginner snowboarder and am slowly getting better but I still can't get off the lift without falling all over the place. Can anybody help me with techniques to do this correctly?


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The biggest mistake people make getting off the chairlift is to look down. Remember that your body follows your eyes, if you look down. you fall. So pick a spot straight ahead and keep your eyes up. Make sure your board is facing straight off the ramp and you know exactly where that back foot needs to land on the stomp pad. It is OK if you fall getting off the list... it happens to everyone in the beginning, but make sure you get out of the way before the next person gets off the lift.

If you have lots of trouble with this find out when the snowboard lessons are and talk to the board instructors. I know when I am the supervisor of lessons and if someone came to me with your question I would send you up with an instructor to personally help you out for a couple runs getting off the chair free of charge. This may not be true for all places so if they do want to charge you then find some instructors going up a chair lift and ask to ride with them once and give you pointers when you get off. Remember that instructors are instructors because they want everyone to enjoy the sport that we love so much.

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I find that its helpful to push away from where everyone else is going off to the side.

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Lean forward, not back. Steer with your shoulders and pick out a spot to go before you get off the chair. Leaning forrward is just the trick.

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It's easiest when you push off and just go straight as far as your board propels you. Don't strap in on the lifts because you can get hurt that way, and make sure you have a stomp pad so you have a place to put your foot with some stability. Another thing that helps is pushing off a few seconds after everyone else so you gt you go on your own time. Everyone falls sometimes, everyone. So don't feel dumb, someone else will fall in less than 10 minutes.

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Get off as if your coming down the mountain, leave one foot free push yourself away from the lift anf glide. DO NOT go in a lift with skiiers especially beginners..their poles and skis go everywhere which is guaranteed to out you off.
Have fun

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As you get off make sure that most of your weight is on your front foot and pick a spot straight ahead to glide to. If you have to make some turns try to anticipate them early because it definately takes a little more planning to link turns without your back foot strapped in. Make sure that you have a good stomp pad. I like to put mine just inside my rear binding.

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all of these answers are correct but make sure your board is facing forward, and make it point where ever you want to go off the lift...what i do is rather than putting it on my board i just put my foot on the snow and glide down but at the same time have my board take most of the gliding. another way is that if you do have a stomp pad put your foot on it and make sure its somewhere you feel comfortable and are able to actually glide to where you sit to put your bindings on. or just ask the ski operator to stop the lift so you can practice getting off, thats what i had to do the first 2 times.

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get a stomp pad and put it in between your bindings and push off when your getting off to avoid hitting other people. Don't look down and put your weigh ton your front foot.

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use your stomp pad if its not working brace your foot against your back binding and most importantly duck here comes the next chair

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and make sure you waxed your board so you CAN glide away freely...everyone hit it on the money re: stomp pad. you got to have one that got a good aggressive tread pattern to hold your rear foot in place ...and i drag my toe off the side a little so i carve a gentle arc away from others when i exit .

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