Any tips for a person trying snowboarding for the1st time?


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Have fun and be positive. Know that falling is a part of the game. You should love it. Listen to what people have to say and give it a try. Try a bunch of things until you find what works for you. Go with someone who knows how and is patient and willing to teach. Just go out looking for a good time and with snow boarding you shall find one.

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come to terms that you ARE going to fall! jk its a lot of fun you just got to get out there and try it over and over and over you'll get the hang of it.

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Don't hit a tree or rock. lol!

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keep your legs straight - be prepared to fall - don't forget to just get back up - have fun!

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stay on 1 edge every time until you get better... if you fall, close your fists so you don't accidentally hurt your wrists... or wear a wrist guard..

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As jondawg said, try to ride an edge of the board every time. Otherwise you'll realize that you're drifting toward the side of the mountain and you'll be struggling to not fall off the edge of the hill. I would actually say keep your knees bent. If you stand up straight you're going to fall a lot more than you will anyway (and you'll definitely fall all day long).

Here's a weird tip that's worked for some friends. Take some advil at the beginning of the day, and then you won't wake up as sore the next day. I didn't do that, and couldn't even sit up in the morning because my abs were so tight. It's a workout, and it takes patience. Also, learn to skate on your board (one foot in the front binding and the other pushing off the ground) so that you don't fall over when you're waiting for the lift.

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Take a first-timer lesson. A lot of the basic moves in snowboarding are counter-intuitive and it's easy to learn bad habits at the beginning which will be hard to unlearn as you progress.

Most resorts will give you a discount on your lift ticket and rentals if you take a lesson also, so that tends to be better value for money.

Be safe and have fun!

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Thoroughly stretch in the morning before you go out.
Lessons, lessons, lessons. This is key and will save you a lot of pain.
Don't go with a friend who's more experienced unless they are extremely patient.
Consider a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and a butt pad. Broken wrists are not unheard of.
Plan on using the hottub that night because you'll be in a lot of pain.
Don't let me scare you, it is loads of fun!

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ok if its your first time, just try to get the feel of ur snowboard. Before you get off the lift, keep ur board up then put your foot near the binding that is not tight and your off the lift. now when you go near the hill buckle ur other foot on the binding. when you get up slowly lift ur toe up a little bit to slow down. once you get the hang of it now try to learn how to toe brake. this is a little bit harder but you'll get soon. and if u think your goin to fall fall on your behind because it won't hurt as much than if you fall on your tummy.

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Just give er!

Honestly you are going to spend the day on your butt, but if you go into with an attitude of fun and learning you will have a great day!

Best of Luck!

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