Best place to snowmobile in CO?

Will be renting a snowmobile.


What are the top 10 snowboarding/ski resorts in the US?

Not on I-40!

Does anyone know any snowboard forum websites for the UK??

Top of Rabbit Ears Pass. It's between Kremmling and Steamboat Springs.

Who is the best team?

all ski resort have snowmobile trails...they are all very nice and scenic. depends on what resort you will be going to, vail, winterpark, breckenridge, copper mountain are all very nice places to go snow can wait for our next storm and go riding in the streets of downtown! lol! =)

have fun!

Total VigorFit 3000 XL w/ Power & Pilates Kit Gym? Is it as good as the Total Gym equivalent?

I like white mountain.

here is some more info:

"You have similarly varying options for snowmobiling. Nova Guides offers basic one-hour snowmobile tours from Camp Hale starting at $80 a person ($100 for two riding on the same machine). There's also the full-day "Top of the Rockies" package at $255 a person and the $330 full-day high-performance tour for experienced riders who want a challenge. Each of the tours rides along the Continental Divide.

Head to head, Good Times Adventures offers a better bargain for single riders on a short excursion, charging just $85 a person for a two-hour ride up to the Continental Divide at Georgia Pass. Its extended three-hour trips, which only depart in the morning, cost $125.

White Mountain Snowmobile Tours, about 10 miles south of Copper Mountain in Summit County, might be the best of the bunch. Its cheapest tour is $50 for an hour, and its most expensive is $200 for three hours of riding on wooded trails and mountain meadows. These longer tours ride right over the Continental Divide. White Mountain has been operating tours for more than 15 years"

travel info from smart travel

Board Setup?

Cottonwood Pass is great!A little on the $$ side, but lots of fun

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