Backward crossovers!!?

My only problem is that I can't do a half swizzle.I can do a full one, but when I try half, its really hard!!


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try putting all your weight on the foot that isn't doing the pushing. then pick up your other foot and practice gliding on the curve.

when you do your half swizzle (I'm assuming this is on a circle or a curve), your weight needs to be pretty much completely on the foot closest to the center of the circle. if your weight is on the other foot, too, it's going to try to turn into a full swizzle.

also make sure your arms are in the right place. your back arm should be just slightly higher than your front arm, and your arms should be "hugging the circle". a lot of people have trouble getting their back arm all the way in back. you might try imagining someone holding your hand and pulling you backwards.

hope this helps. good luck!

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Ok for back crossovers remember there are 2 pushes in a crossover. Lets say your doing back right over left crossovers, the first push is with your right foot, then you crossover then push the left leg for the second push...ask your coach to show you, ask your coach "what are the two pushes in a crossover?" and she will show you if you don't is kinda confusing. Good Luck and never give up, every skater has weak spots, but they keep working and get through it and you will too!

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Try just doing half swizzles (aka pumps) around a circle. They may seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of them they are pretty fun. Then just try crossing over. Also, it helps if you stay down in your knees rather than keeping your legs straight.

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You can watch these instructional videos maybe that will help to see it demonstrated over and over. This guy does a really good job on all the vids.

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If you play defence you better learn fast, but if you play forward or goalie don't worry about it too much.

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yes, they are hard. but you really have to master them before moving onto back crossovers. remeber to bend your skating knee the keep your arms out.

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make sure your standing straight up keep your chin up don't look down if you look down you fall down say ur doing a left over right you would try to move your right foot over while ur left os moving accross

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stand on a wood floor with socks to get used to the motion. then try on ice!! remember your leg thet your standing on will be bent!

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For the half swizzle put all your weight on your inside foot, the outside foot just pretend you doing a swizzle.

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