Adult Beginner Ice Skating?

Last year I took beginner ice skating lessons. When I first went out on the ice I couldn't even stand on the skates by the time I finished my lessons (16 lessons) I could slowly stroke around the rink. Close and hanging on to the boards. How can I get away from the boards and improve my balance? Is there anything or exercises that I can do to improve these areas. By the way I was 44 when I took my first lesson. Thanks.


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Slowly let yourself out of your comfort zone, and just don't be afraid to fall. What's the worst thing that can happen, you get a little wet?
Good luck, and have fun skating!

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keep trying

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just keep on practicing, and don't be afraid to fall, otherwise you will never accomplish anything

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Other than practice, I would suggest taking more classes to improve you skills which will give you more confidence. They more you learn, the more comfortable you will feel on the ice! And the most important thing is to have fun!

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You've had 16 lessons and you're still feeling quite shaky, from what you describe. Do you have balance problems off-ice? If not, then I don't think it's your balance that's keeping you tied to the boards. I think it's nerves. It may also be your skates.

If you need to wear knee and elbow pads, and/or a helmet in order to make this move away from the boards, then do so. I also suggest that you look into taking some private lessons, if you can afford it. I think having a coach will help you work past your nerves. Ask a coach at your rink, preferably one that you see working with lower level adults, if she'd be willing to teach you. Or ask one for recommendations on who she'd suggest to coach you. If you liked the person who taught your classes, you can also ask her.

Once you start working with a coach, your confidence will build up. At first, you'll only want to do those "away from the boards" moves with her at your side, but eventually, you'll do them on your own!

While working with the coach, also talk to her about your skates. I wonder if you may need any or all of the following:

- A good sharpening of the blade
- Better skates with more support

How a blade is sharpened can really affect how stable you feel. I wonder, from your description, if your blades aren't very dull. If they were dull or never sharpened, they'd slide right out from under you!

I started skating at age 30. A friend started in his 50's, and he's actually a really beautiful skater now, seven years later. So you can do it, and lots of people do!

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I have to ask you. Did you use rental skates during these lessons? If so, did you know if they were sharpened properly? If they weren't that could be one of the main reasons why you had such a hard time. Do you remember slipping at all? As in the blade didn't grip the ice. Also they might've not had any support in the boot. Did your ankles feel like they were caving in? If any of these things happened I would invest in skates of your own. If not, just make sure you you stand up straight when you skate. People have a tendency to bend forward which can throw off your balance. Also keep practicing! I know many people who started in their thirties and fourties and are doing axels!

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dont be afraid to get out there and try also alot of practiceing helps!: )

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Go to open skates and just try to balence.
Wear lots of layers like long underwear.
It'll help if you fall.

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it might be your skates-rented skates are horrible

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Are you sure that your boots are hard enough to support your ankles?
Sometimes it can make a great difference to wear harder boots even if one doesn't intend to jump, but usually an adult is heavier than a young person who doesn't need hard skates...
Another thing is to be more flexible with your knees and NO FEAR! if you are afraid, I recommend you to hang your skates.

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Don't be afraid or embarrass of falling! I think you still have not gotten over that fear of falling that may be what is hindering you from progressing faster.

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Practice is the only way to improve. I suggest more lessons to help your confidence. Make sure you have good supportive skates. If your feet and ankles aren't properly supported it makes it much more difficult and dangerous. If you aren't wearing a helmet, then consider wearing one as it will give you peace of mind and help you relax. You can't skate well when you are stiff and nervous. Keep at it, it is fun and good exercise when you get going a bit.

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