Any tips on how to snowboard faster in giant slalom?


Should I buy step-in snowboard bindings?

If you're not getting enough pressure heelside, you might be sitting back on the toilet, instead of staying cranked over the edge. Stay squared up to the nose, with shoulders parallel to the slope, and drive the hips through the turn. GS and slalom aren't like freeriding -- hardbooting is like driving a ferrari next to slow SUVs, and requires different movements.

Where can I rent skis in the Minneapolis/Duluth area?

in slalom you want to have a good mixture of control and speed if you have too much of one or the other your not going to go fast at all, make sure you've got a fresh coat of wax on your board for speed, and also check to see if your edges are dull if they are get them sharpened for better control

Can you wax your snowboard with skate wax? if so, How??

Try to adjust your weight distribution at different angles. This may help you.

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