Anyone here a synchronized skater?

If so what team? What level? Are you going to be skating at any of the sectional championships in the coming weeks?


Snowboard Size?

Well,I just joined the Sierra Storm Synchronized Skating Team which is located in Central Roseville,I think.I'm only in Freestyle 4 though.Anyway,on my team,there are people who are in pre-alpha and people who are in the freestyle level,so my coaches divided the stronger skaters into one group and the skaters who are still learning how to skate and each team will do their own performance and then the two teams are going to do a performance together.There is a junior team,youth,teen and adult.I skate at a rink called Skatetown.The teams all perform at the same competitions, but obviously don't compete against each other.We don't have any competitions coming up in the coming weeks,but we have two competitions.The first one is in February,and the second one is in Minneapolis,Minnesota for the National Championships.A little note to Yard Nome,Skating is nowhere near being the worst sport on ice.

How do i fix scratches on the tops of my skis?

I am glad to say that I am not a part of the worst sport on ice

Has anyone heard of "Oxygen" brand snowboards? And do they have an official website?

I am on the Dazzlers and youth but were not going to any of the sectionals

What is ergonomy?

I used to be on one in Arizona (Peoria Ice Angels), but when I moved I didn't do the team here. We did Sectionals last year, but since I'm not on one anymore, I'm not going this year.

DC Allegiance Snowboard Boots with the Boa lacing system??

I used to be but not anymore! But all my friends are. the team is the birmingham blazing blades! from Birmingham Michigan!
They are i think in the juinor level but i'm past that and there is only one level on that team. They are going to be in the Chicago comp. this week!! i think tomorrow or the next day!

How do I apply a Da Kine Flouri Wipe?

I'm on a synchro team called the southern silhouettes. i'm kind of a "filler in" person because there weren't enough people for it to be a team. we skate pre pre. and we're going to be doing synchro sectionals this week. i hope that it'll be fun.

What is a good brand of skis?

nope never will be

When you go skiing how should you dress?

I actually am loking into it. Good Luck with your comp. My best wishes!

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