Wintersport gear! No ski pants, layering hiking trousers ok?

Hi! help, I am due to fly out tonight for a week in alps snowboarding. only just found that my old pair of ski pants don't fit well :P and no time to get another pair. thinking of layering waterproof hiking trousers on jogging bottoms over base layer. Do you think this is practical and warm enough? thanks


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You've probably already left, but your pants will be fine. You can also use wind pants. Scotch guard makes almost anything good for skiing!

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no way; snowboard pants are designed perfectly for the sport. any attempt to substitute is futile. make the purchase and enjoy the trip rather than chance it not working out, being miserable throughout, and having to make the purchase later on.

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I agree with steveo. You cant skimp on the gear. especially when you are going to be doing a week in the alps! can you pruchase them when you get there if you dont have time before the flight?

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People are crazy, some wear shorts and a tee. I know crazy. But it doesn't matter for your actual expierence except for your temperature. Bring whatever you have and you'l be able to judge better once your there. Although when you get tehre they have lodges that have many stores to buy pants in!

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Go with what you got. When I used to go the the snow as a kid we would were 3 pair of socks, 3 pair of jeans, so on and so forth. Of course to day that is completely ridiculous. One thing you should stay away from is cotton. It will hold moisture you don't need. I do have a pair of Levis I were occasionally, they are made of nylon and sprayed with Scotch guard. They work great and look cool. obviously regular ski and snowboard pants would be the best, but if it keeps most of the snow out then do it. As long as they look cool you are set. that means no neon. Have fun.

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no maybe at first but everything will stick to you and you will be wet and uncomfortable buy a cheap pair its better than the alternative

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If your hiking pants are decent, you'll be fine. All winter outerwear is designed along the same principles, and while many are made with a specific use in mind, it is 99% styling. It sounds like you know the basics of layering, so I'm guessing you'll be fine. You may want to consider a gaiter of some sort if your shell pants dont have an elastic cuff or one built in

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Give it a try. And if it doesn't work out for you on day one, many ski rental shops also rent board pants, too.

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