Burton vs. K2 snowboards?

I have always had a K2 board and have enjoyed it a lot. But I am now in the market for a new snowboard as my current board is way too short and way too narrow. I recently was talking to a guy at a sport shop and he recommended Burton over K2. He said the new Custom Wide that is coming out would be perfect for me. Any opinions on Burton over K2? Also, does anyone know when you can get your hands on this new Custom Wide? Recommendations for boot and binding packages? Money no object.


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Burton makes awesome boards, but yes as everybody else stated, they are very overpriced. The customs are one of the top of the line boards out there and you can't really go wrong with a burton. Check out some of the other brands they have out there too. It really depends on your riding style also. Are you thinking of using this in the park alot, or slashing through some pow in the trees. I have a burton and also a salamon. I love both, but use each for different riding conditions. Ride also makes nice boards. The difficulty for you would be finding a board that comes in a wide version. I'm guessing this is because you're having problems with boot hangover. Since money is no object for you though, go with the Burton! i guarantee you won't regret it. Also, check out the new burton bindings they have out with the toe cap strap. I picked a pair up for myself last year and they're really comfortable and responsive. My toes never get numb and i can crank that baby down as tight as i want.

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okay so i just had a k2 board last season and this season i switched over to a burton and on my first run with it i noticed a differance. Burton is the way to go, they founded the whole sport, they make good products that you can count on.

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i like burton better than K2. the board i own is a burton blunt, and its great for park. i suggest getting a burton, but they are overpriced (but as you said: money no object...). but what i suggest even more is get a rome. theyre just as good and less expensive. the next board i buy will be a rome artifact. if you ride park i suggest rome over all

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Well my view as many others on burton vs K2 is this... burton makes nice boards but they r way to expensive and u r buying th name. K2 makes nice boards for less price...its just not as big as a name

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Ive never heard of a Custom wide to be honest maybe its a new board coming out next season?. But im pretty sure that a Burton Baron is just a wide custom? im sure that its got exactly the same spec apart from its wider. Maybe the guy in the shop was getting confused and was actually refereing to one of those, not totally sure on that one?. As far as the Burton vs K2 thing they are both good makes alot of it comes down to personal preference. As you have had a few K2 boards it might be worth giving a new company a try and see what you think of there boards. A Burton Baron would be a good choice for you, or you could look into the Custom wide thing and find out for sure if they exist and when they will be available?

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like answer above mine said, the wide custom is a baron

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