Any tips for figure skating for beginners? Is it harder than regular ice skating?

i know how to ice skate but i want to try figure skating. Any tips for beginners? Important skills? Thanks.


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It's a lot more difficult. To be a good figure skater, you have to have total control of your entire body. A knowledge of physics is beneficial, but you will need some lessons to get anywhere in the sport.

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Take lessons and practice, practice, practice! Check out your local ice rink for group lessons. And don't be afraid to fall down. There are some good books out there, too. The can give you an idea of the basic steps.

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You can't really learn much without having a lesson first. You may want to check your local figure skating rink to see if they have group lessons. Or, you could do private lessons, but those are much more expensive and most skaters start out with group lessons/

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get a private coach..

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take lessons and dont be afraid to fall. get your own skates and you'll do much better

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