Any advice for a first time skier? What should I bring?

Question:I'm going to Lake Tahoe for 4 days this week. I'm not quite sure what to bring, mind you I'm from Texas and have seen snow maybe 5 times total in my life. Ski tips? How many layers of clothes should I wear while skiing?

Thanks a bunch!


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You don't want to wear 100% cotton clothing. It gets wet and heavy in a hurry. If you don't have some 100% polyester shirts, get some (many workout shirts are 100% polyester).

Buy some real wool socks, or if you can't find them, at least find or buy socks that are not 100% cotton.

You want your outer layer to be waterproof preferably. How many under layers to wear? Depends on the temps. Bring chapstick and sunscreen - cold weather will dry out your lips, and your nose and cheeks can get really sunburnt skiing if you don't wear screen.

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YOu should snowboard instead. But whatever you do wear wear something on the outside that can repel water. Because if your clothes get wet it doesn't matter how many layers your wearing. Make sure to have gloves too.

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I advise a lighter jacket, you'll sweat alot if you're wearing a big parka, but then again a first timer might benefit from the extra padding and you probably won't be going too hard your first time anyways. Snow pants, touque, and gloves would be a good idea as well. (and thick warm socks, nothing sucks more than cold feet all day) The only real tip i can give you about skiing is just not to be afraid. Just listen to your instructor and you'll be fine.


Ok, You have seen the tips for clothing...wear snow pants, mittens, a jacket, dress in layers.

Goggles- yes the cost a lot but they are worth it.

Please, please, please, wear a helmet. Even a bike helmet will provide more protection then a hat. You only have one head.

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Don't forget your insurance card. Hope you have fun!

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Be prepared to be really stiff the next day, do to the, .you know,...the falling and wipe outs you'll incounter.

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i suggest you dress in layers.
wear a shirt (LS or SS)
ski jacket or any WATERPROOF jacket

bring the big waterproof gloves that some maybe consider "ugly", but thse keep ur hands warm
a neck warmer. like a scarf but no tail. and if its cold, u can always pull it up to cover ur face.
goggles (very helpful) they keep the snow and wind out of ur eyes
polyester socks! cotton socks absorb sweat (thats y ppl like them) however, wen its cold outside, that sweat is basically water and it freezes just like water does. if u dont want cold feet, wear POLYESTER.
snow pants. get baggy ones if ur not that advanced or u dont care if u go fast. get tight legging-like pants if u wanna go fast, though u may feel a little strange. if ur gonna wear baggy-ish snow pants, i suggest leggings underneath so u'll b able to bed and it wont feel uncomfortable wen u tuck it into ur ski boots.

hope this helps!

PS- remem to pick a best answer. HONESTLY the best one

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Well, in addition to the above tips, here are my two:


Too many people think skiing is easy to learn. It's not. Get one beginners lesson your first day there so you can enjoy the rest of your time cruising up and down the bunny hill.

2) Wear one pair of socks.

Anything extra will bunch up in your ski boot and cut of circulation in a hurry.

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A snowboard. kneepads and crash pants.

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well its been in the low 20's down to the 5's i would say where a thermal shirt/pants then a fleece something over it topped off with a waterproof jacket. Make sure to have waterproof pants as well. then GLOVES!! if you have to buy cheap gloves since you won't be using them much buy a pair of those thin mitten type gloves to go underneath so your hands don't freeze...then you'll need a hat/beanie and some goggles...


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What you should wear has pretty much been determined down to a science - walk into any outdoor store and they'll get you setup, but here are the general guidelines:

- next to your skin you want a wicking baselayer, typically made from a synthetic material. It's role is to absorb the sweat on your skin and push it out to the next layer of fabric (the process is called wicking.) NEVER wear cotton as a baselayer (or as any layer when there is the possibility of sweating or getting wet.)

- The next layer you'll want to wear is for insulation - synthetic fleece or an insulated jacket like down or primaloft will do, anything that has a decent amount of loft to it to trap the warm air close to your body. Depending on how cold it will be, you may want to have different weight insulating layers you can choose or change in and out of.

- Finally, on top, you want a shell - a waterproof / breathable jacket that repels water but allows sweat to escape.


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Underlayer (i.e. "long johns"), turtleneck, sweater, ski jacket, ski pants, ski socks that have no ribs, fit well, and tall enough to go beyond the top of your boot. One pair is sufficient. Lined helmet with no hat; goggles, gloves (have a second pair of gloves and socks on hand for the next day, and alternate.) Finally, take a lesson at the slopes as soon as you get there. You can rent all clothing and equipment at most ski rental shops at most resorts. You should call first.

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1st time?? U r gonna be cold!! Wrap up warm

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Tahoe, eh? Spectacular place, any time of year.
I ski mostly new england , in temps ranging from -5 to +50 degress F. On a cold day I have long undies..."Hot Chillies" and "Duofold" are both good products...I wear those top and bottom, a sweater and a ski jacket over them. I have some ski pants I wear want to try and stay away from cotton. Once it gets wet, your cold and the day is over. Dont worry about socks...regular dress socks inside of ski boots are fine. The most important thing to bring on a ski trip is a pile of folding money or a good credit card! Have fun at tahoe...Im envious! You going to North or south tahoe? If you can get up north, make sure to check out a place called "Calneva" old hotel casino.

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