Are light weight people faster than heavier people on a snowboards?


Skating Competitions?

No theyre not faster.
Ever watch a halfpipe comp on tv and see the small guy just starting out that doesnt get as high out of the pipe as some of the older guys. The announcer always says, "give him a few years, once he gets a little bigger he'll be able to get some of the height and amplitude the judges are looking for"
Sure, things like board, wax, skill, play a factor. But if all factors are the SAME with the only difference between 2 riders is weight, the heavier of the two WILL be faster. We've all heard the comparison in school, a pound of feathers and a pound of bricks. A pound is still a pound no matter what the material. BUT, make one 2 pounds and it WILL fall faster. Basic physics doesnt get any simpler.

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i dont think so it just matters if u can ride a snowboard

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yes they are becuz light people doesn't have alot of weight to drag down

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Strength not weight play more into the race down the hill. True big people do have gravity on their side be also have that thing called drag as well. The type of wax, the board and the rider have more to do with the top speed than the weight.

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obviously not...gravity

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no, heavier people would be better becuase you would have more weight to push forward but lighter people would be better for jumps.

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light people get going faster, but heavier people reach a faster top speed

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Wrong! I plow right past many smaller people. Size isn't the key agility is. Factor in muscle, strength. and skill level.

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Lighterweight people may get going faster as someone else said, but eventually the heavier person will be faster. It has to do with chemistry and physics. When you snowboard you're not actually on the snow, the pressure you put on the snow melts it into water and you slide on that. The more pressure, the more water so a heavier person's momentum and ability to melt the snow beneathe the board quickly will get them going faster.

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When it comes to tough science questions like this, I always put it in perspective. Think about Mario Kart (pick your favorite version). Have you ever used Donkey Kong of Bowser? Those guys can really move it, but it takes a friggin' eternity to get to those speeds. Sure, Yoshi and Princess are quick off the line, but on straightaway races, someone who can control one of the bigger guys will usually take the gold.

Hope that helped, because I bet it didn't :)

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No, I weigh between 180 and 200 lbs, If you have a good wax job a heavy guy goes too fast, I'm alway slowing myself down, shooting snow everywhere. As gravity pulls downwards the logical thing would be the heavy guy picks up speed faster, and goes faster.

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