Angling the front binding?

What angle do you use for the front binding? I go with 45 degrees. I'm just wondering what other people do and maybe I will test it out.


Should i continue?

All depends on which way you ride and what you are doing on the board. Why not try adjusting the binding a few degrees every couple of days and find what works for you.

What's the best set up for a new snowboarder?

I know people usualy start at 10 in back and 15 in front. But really it depends on how it feels best for you. Some people ride pigion toed, meaning feet turned in toward each other. Take a run and then change it at the bottom tof the hill. By the way I always bring my own tools for just such an occation. You should check your bindings everyday you ride. I ride at 20 in front 7 in back, so I do not ride much switch as you can tell.

What is the best twin tip on the market today?

WOW 45 is extremely turned. i am on my schools race team and when i angle my bindings i dont even do them that much. but it depends on what your doin. if you are doing freestyle i would angle both your bindings out a tiny bit so you can go switch easy. if your going for speed i would angle both of them towards your front and the front binding a little more tilted. probably like 23 12 or something. thats around the angle of race boards.

Is a backward pumps on a circle the same as a backwards half swizzle pump?

hey i doo +18 in front and - 15 in back it is pretty close too duck i find it most confortable for me

but reeally you just keep trying till you find a angle that works for you =]


What is the skiing like in Italy?

there is a complacated method for getting your stance and and agles how u want it i sugesst getting a book about it i have a great one even tho the title is bad

go snowboarding

Im Looking for a Open Cheerleading Squad or Gymnastics class for people over the age of 18?

Run and jump on your board without bindings on it. This is how you find your stance and then try it again and mark where your front foot is then set the binding wthe closest setting to your mark

Skiing in Livigno, Italy, in april?

15 front 15 back it keeps you good for switch 2 and theyre good mellow angles not harsh at all

What is backcountry skiing?

are you sure it's 45 degrees, because that's ridiculous

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