Binding Responsiveness?

I just don't get it. What makes a binding more or less "responsive"? I'm not even sure what is meant by responsive. To me, it seems that all bindings are either metal or plastic concoctions that keep your foot to the board. What's all this talk about flex? If anyone can help clear that up for me, I'd be a happy dude.


Snowboard Binding problem?

well they aren't just random concoction or lies made up by the PR department they all have their strengths and weaknesses but flex is a rating of how much side to side "stretching" your foot can do. A softer flex is good if you are riding in th epark because it allows you to tweak out your air just that little bit more but if you plan on just riding around carving and flying through pow fields then you'll want that evtra suppost and you'll want a stiffer boot and binding. Hope my answer cleared some things up for you

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