If i go to the beach with my period will a shark attack me??


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"You will not, let us repeat, will not attract sharks by diving during your period. 'We get this question all the time,' says Gowen. 'The amount of blood that leaks into the water is negligible. We have never had a documented case of someone attacked by a shark because they were having their period.,' she says."

- Laurie Gowen from Divers Alert Network, in an interview with Scuba Diving Magazine. [issue August 2005]

Divers Alert Network is like the Red Cross, only it's for divers. Diving can be done with or without a wetsuit, so even in a bathing suit, sharks just wont find you attractive!

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just make sure you bring your tamp !

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yes your going to get eaten alive

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im going to agree with jennifer make sure ur tamp is nice and secure so nothing comes out. but u make sure stay in very shallow waters because sharks and smell that from a mile a way and u dont want to be the cause for a huge shark attack on a beach do you?

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if you are on your period, don't go. if there is blood in the water, it is possible.

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Well, you could wear tampons, but just to be safe, don't go...

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I think we should ask Steve Irwin about this one.

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Sharks can smell blood for like miles under water. Be carefull. You wouldn't want that bitten.

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no. not if you do what your supposed to.

Good Luck! 0*)


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swim out about a mile into the ocean and let us know what happens.

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With the recent shark scares in California, a question keeps coming up in my mind that I keep getting conflicting opinions about. Is it safe to surf while on my period? It seems there are always good waves that time of the month.
asked by Gretchen Martin


Well, Gretchen sorry to do this to you, but here are a couple more conflicting opinions!

I don't know any of the girls that I surf with and travel with (Layne, Megan, Rochelle) that ever think or even have mentioned being afraid to surf while on your period in fear of attracting sharks.

Plus, like Surfline's Alison Sheltrown says, "Well, I take my chances. Because when it's 'Shark Week' (which is what we call it in my house), exercise (and particularly surfing, because it engages the stomach muscles) helps ease cramps. Not to mention, when you feel fat, crampy and otherwise horrible -- getting in the water makes you feel normal again."

I also figured I should ask a shark expert; here's what Ralph S. Collier from the Shark Research Committee has to say:

The question posed by Gretchen is one that is frequently asked of me and is justified by the tragic events at Avila Beach last fall.

There is no scientific data that confirms human blood to be an attractant to sharks. A number of years ago, friend and colleague H. David Baldrigde, conducted a number of experiments using human body fluids to determine whether they were potentially provocative to sharks. One of the fluids tested was human blood. The results in these specific tests showed that human blood did not attract sharks.

However, there are other fluids that are also associated with humans and female menstrual cycles. Without any positive determination sometimes "it is better to be safe than sorrow." My personal suggestions have always been to avoid water contact during that time of the month when a woman is menstruating, even though there is no scientific evidence to support this suggestion.

I understand Gretchen's comment: "It seems there are always good waves that time of the month." The weather always seemed better on those days when I couldn't go freshwater fishing years ago than the days that I did go. Maybe this is because we can't or don't want to do something that makes it seem all the more appealing.

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prolly not sharks really do not attack ppl that often unless u have a lot of reef sharks in ur area then i might stick to the pool for those days

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depends how hungry the shark is

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