Does rafting have any impact on the environment?


Is it possible to learn how to surf if you are extremely nearsighted?

Yes. Rafting has an impact on the environment. Rafts are made from petroleum products, people drive to rafting outposts in giant SUV's, old rafting buses certainly have a carbon output..etc. On the river, rafts can stress sensitive wildlife.

The positive part of rafting is that every year hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the wilderness in a relatively low-impact way. Many of them will learn an appreciation of rivers and may be more likely to have a better awareness of river environmental issues.

I am sure that rafting has a much lower impact per participant than PWCs, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, atv riding, paper milling, dog parking, and even kayaking. I love to kayak, but I usually drive to the river without carpooling.

I wanna learn how to surf?

Mostrafting groups are very environmenally aware ad very careful of the surroundings. They are observers.

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