What do you wear under boardshorts when wakeboarding?


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i wear my boxer-briefs... just to keep from hurting anything too much when i wipe out...

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speedos, or if you don't like the look a pair of short-length bike shorts. keeps your junk from flopping around.

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I have been surfing all my life and constantly get rashes from my board shorts rubbing against my legs. After trying everything under the sun, I found the spandex biker shorts work the best! They are comfortables, not too tight, and long enough so that your inside thighs do not get a rash. Believe me, from all the running you do in the water, this is the best thing.

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I have found that the best thing to wear under the board shorts when wake boarding is a pair of under armour boxer briefs. These briefs dry well and they are snug to the body. Thats what I wear.

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