Can you blow a balloon up under water?


Which is a faster swimmer ? a Swordfish or a Tuna?


Divers now use delayed surface marker buoys, (DSMB's) A DSMB is effectively a balloon.

You could blow up a normal balloon underwater, but you would have to use an aqua lung and it seems incredibly dangerous... Please don't try it.

Why have I heard that aluminum boats aren't made for salt water?


Whats the difference between canoeing and kayaking?

Yes with a aqua lung

What size wakeboard should I buy?

If you have an oxygen tank with you.

What is the best way to start to learn to surf?

I have never tried, but I should not think so, you would run out of breath after the first blow.

Does anyone know how to fish for white mullet?

If you're scuba diving, you can absolutely blow a balloon up. BUT if you were to dive down to, say, 20 ft and then blow up the balloon, you couldn't get it back up to the surface without it popping... Interesting, huh?

What is the best river to canoe in Northwest Michigan?

havent got a clue but i bet its fun trying

A knot(sailing) equals how many m.p.h? and how many miles or knots - 1 league?

You'll get no less than 50 answers to this question if you type it in the "Search for questions" box because it's been asked so many times before.

Do you have to remove all of the wax first?


Do I have to get a boating license?

Only if you carry a oxagen tank.

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