Don't you think female surfers like Keala Kennely has more gutts than the male pro surfers?


HELP I have 2 go 2 Girl Scouts and I need so help anybody?

Yeah well Keala is always there with the guys when they're at the heaviest spots in the world.

But I don't think she has more guts.. She's putting herself out there with the boys, but the guys have still won the XXL award for biggest wave every time. Just the fact that she's a girl among the guys in a guy domintated sport and pushing through all the pressure that causes makes her stand out more. She's putting herself out there when most girls sink back from all the crap they might get. That's impressive.

I want to know the results of the waterski races in new zealand happening now?

i have no idea whatsoever, but come on france. im english like but now england has been knocked out france have to win, it cant go to the italians or portuguese, the french have to do it, they can at least bring the trophy next to england, whos this keala kennely, is she fit? ifs shes fit then yeah i do think, just coz shes fit though, i kow nothing at all about surfing or anything, im english, thats why, i guess some english people like surfing but not me, i like golf, cricket and football, football is by far the best and its a shame that we couldnt win the world cup, we had the team. oh well, come on france


Someone could get arrested for repeatedly running in to a brick wall.That's how I see surfing.Guts,to me,is singing solo with the symphony.

Where can I find retired crusie ship captain and crew?

OMG Hell Yeah!! She rocks!

Where in the Philippines can i learn how to play Water Polo?

Keala can definitely bring it. I tend to think any surfer who takes on macking Pipeline, Teahuppo or Shipsterns with or without a jetski deserves plenty of credit as long they survive it.

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