Is an inflatable kayak as good as a regular kayak?

Question:I'm considering buying a kayak, but I want to spend as little as possible. I'll be kayaking in no more than class II rapids on the Chattahoochee River in North GA. It's mostly just a calm, relaxing float down the river.

Would an inflatable kayak hold up as well as a regular kayak? Are they durable enough to be worth buying? What are the drawbacks to an inflatable?

Any information would be a great help!!


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I had an inflatable kayak when I was younger, and I hated the thing! It was a pain in the a** to inflate and was really unstable. I don't know how many times I fell out of that thing, and it's not because I have bad balance. I never fell out of a regular or open-topped kayak in the 10 years since I first learned!

Seriously, save your money and purchase a good, durable non-inflatable kayak if you're really interested.

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my husband and i just recently bought a pair of inflatable kayak's on ebay. i LOVE them, i don't really know if they are better than the real thing because i've never kayaked before these, but they are awesome, i have no complaints. we got them on ebay, they are coleman. it came with a set of two and an air pump that you can use from your car. you should definately consider them!

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no, just spend money on a real one...cause the inflatable one can pop if you accidently poke it on something

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The inflatables are a novelty item. They don't handle like a regular kayak and have a 'mushy' feel to them. Even in class 2 rapids, you want a little more positive action than they can give you. They aren't as durable as regular kayaks, as the fabric skin is susceptible to rips and tears (especially if you hit a rock in the rapids!) and you can't drag them on the beach as you do a normal kayak.
There are some very inexpensive 'sit upon' kayaks, heavy plastic, with no cockpit, that might serve your purpose much better.

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