Is it possible to get used to riding a kitesurf board opposite to my natural stance ?

I'm about to get into Kitesurfing; my background is surfing and powerkiting. As a surfer, I know my natural stance is orthodox, and have never tried to surf goofy foot. What I do know is that when I've tried to skateboard goofy, its really really difficult, near on impossible. I'm concerned that I will have the same problem kitesurfing when I have to ride goofy. Is this something that one just gets used to ? Thanks


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I snowboard and I've found you are so much better at it when you learn to do it both sides
its definitly possible
its just gonna take time and a few falls and your gonna feel sort of unsafe but you just have to forget all that and get out of your comfort zone
best of luck

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You can train your body to whatever you want. It will take time and you will just have to accept that your not going to be perfect at it right away. Practice and you'll adjust.

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if i were u id try to start skateboarding goofy. just force yourself to do it. dont forget that there was a learning period when u learned regular. that learning curve will be accelerated since u can already skate regular. my guess is it would be worth ur while to learn how to skate fakie before starting kiteboarding. it would probably really help to be comfortable on a board both ways first.

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