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Alright, well i just started surfing about 5-6 months ago when i moved to California. I am actually pretty good. I my first competion i got 4th, the second competition i got 3rd. Oh, i am a girl longboarder, and i ride a 7'7 board. i cant get to the beach EVERYday, but i go at least 4-5 times a week. Does anybody have anytips on how i can improve my surfing or any excersises that i can do that imitate surfing at home??


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Including the burpees and the indo-board you can also other things you can find at home like do crouch to stand while standing on a ball to enhance your balance and get your feet stronger or swimming.

Surfing Question - For Serious Surfer Enthusiast only?

Congrats on your comp results! Go on line or to your local surf shop and buy an indo board. They are great fun and work all the muscles you'd use in surfing while improving your balance, also get some free weights to work your arms while you are on the board. Check out There is loads of things you can do on an indo board. Best karma to ya, keep scoring in those comps

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you can do burpees to practice your pop up, that's where u lay on the ground and pretend your on a board and just pop up the same way you would normally. that's what i do i do about 35-40 a night. its good practice for me at least. hope it works out for u. also the indo board is great practice too.

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Skateboard in parks, especially bowls. The feeling of pumping a bowl is super similar to moving on the face of the wave. To stay in shape I recomend swimming mostly, I also do some simple core strengthening. I met the guy that did all the filming for this movie and he hooked me up with a copy. Its really good. I surf about 4-5 days a week too, and if I skip a day of workout, I seriously regret it.

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