Need help with skimboards?

i am thinking of geting a wavezone rage 53" and it says no weight limit i need to kno if that is true cuz i weight about 208 and i need a good cheap skimboard for riding in deep water and thats the best i can find please help


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A 53" is fine. The board size is not critical since a skim board hydroplanes instead of floating. I weigh 198 lbs and I use an older shorter board, and it works fine. Here's where you can get more info on the sport and it's various techniques:

And here's some good reading on the sport:


And for some great pictures and videos check out:

It's a tricky sport to learn, but fun. You're not going to master it right away, so don't sweat a fancy board just yet. Good luck!

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i cant stay on

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