I need 2 make a top five reasons Coxswains (Coxins) are better in Bed. (tiny girl @ end of boat in rowing)?

Question:I need 2 make a top ten reasons Coxswains (Coxins) are better in Bed. (tiny girl @ end of boat in rowing)?
I am the coxswain for the mens novice team and all the coxswains are coming together making up reasons coxswains are best in bed.

so far I have like
- We yell loud and give good directions
-We work the Cox Box

anywayz give me some ideas i'll take anything...

I think I am useing these 5 for sure i just need 5 more

1. We Yell Loud and fit into small places
2. Were Not scared to give directions when we want something
3. We Like It From The Back
4. We're experts in the rhythm of stroking.
5. There is nothing adnormal about seeing ripped out sweaty guys in spandex pants everyday

what others can i add to my list?


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1. We have a CoxBox and we're not afraid to use it!
2. We know when the strokes are good.
3. We know when to start the sprint to the finish.
4. We (almost) never jump the gun.
5. We don't mind a little backsplash.
6. We know when to tell them to go faster and harder.
7. We get wetter at the finish9referring to being thrown in after winning a race.)

I hope these help!

PS Coxing is great!

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Play a real sport and you won't have to make up fake reasons. It will happen.

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Easy answer - Wet some of the time, not only because of the body of water in which they are rowing, but for her to see all those tanned muscular, sweaty shoulders, backs and arms, doing all this right in front of her, and she is in charge of all of them... WoW>>> Separating the word cox swain, the word 'swain' is a noun meaning "a man who is someones admirer". Not know how 'Coxins think or feel", I would also say that 'She is in the Cat Birds seat also'.

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