Wakeboarding near SF bay area?

I am a snowboarder, and I wakeboarded for a summer in 2002 when I lived on the east coast. I live in the Bay Area now, and I'd like to get back into wakeboarding since it's so awesome. what is the best way to get into it?


Windsurfing store in San Francisco area?

Well, in San Jose there is an awesome board shop called Cope & McPheeters that has an awesome selection. Also, if you pay $100 you get to try out 5 different boards of your choice, then once you choose your favorite the $100 goes to the purchase of your board. A good place to wakebord Is the delta, becuse you can ofte find a smooth channel all to yoursel and ride. If you are near Morgan Hill you an go to Coyote Lake, and Anderon lake. I live right by Anderson and in he summer we go twice a week. Have Fun Wakboarding! Its thebest sport ever!

Good surf companies?

The Delta is a great place to wakeboard. Check out http://www.wakeboarder.com and check out the Find a Pull forum, there are lots of riders in that area. I'm sure you can find someone to go out with. Most of the members on that forum are pretty cool.

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