Is it ok to kayak in ocean when tropical storm coming?? My boyfriend seems to think so!!?

He says that winds won't bother kyak because they are low and there is nothing for wind to push...If would be fun because of waves.he almost has me convinced...actually I went surfing during hurricane before.lots of people do on west coast during hurricanes.but never saw anyone you think it would be less risky than surfing? I know that it's kinda stupid to do either but.w/out risks what would life be like??What I wanna know is did anyone on here ever kyak during storm? Was it fun?


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No, wind wont bother a Kayak, but once that storm kicks up a massive swell and your tryin to paddle through 25ft + surf with white wash that would de-rail a train and youre stuck in the middle of that, its only a matter of time untill you get swallowed up by hell and pushed 20 foot under water doing backflips and sommersaults uncontrollably like youre in a high powered washing machine.

And the whole time this is happening you know that youre probably about to die, and that you only have a few seconds of air left in your lungs all the while youre trying to get back to the surface to draw a breath but the power of the water is just pushing you down deeper and deeper and you cant fight it, you just have to accept youre as lifeless as a ragdoll as your body is dragged hundreds of metres underwater.

By the time this monster has lost its power and you can get back to the surface for air, hopefully you are still alive.

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Stay on the ground. And keep your eyes open for a new boyfriend. won't be long.

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He's a nut. I almost died trying to get up river during TS Jeane. Just pray he comes back in one piece.

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Your boyfriend thinks he's tough, but in my Coast Guard days I pulled a number of tough dead guys out of the water who deceided to row or kayak in storms. it okay? Sure, rescue people get bored easy and need things to do.

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I think your questions have been more than adequately answered by the people before me.

One thing I would like to add is that, while wind doesn't have a lot of push on the kayak (unless it gets sideways), it will push on YOU. After a time of paddling against the wind and waves, you are going to get pretty tired.

But, life is choices. And if you think to risk your life is worth the experience of possibly living through it, then go for it.
But don't put this choice on your idiot boy friend. Your body, your health, your life, so this is YOUR decision. No blame - no regrets.

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I think your boyfriend has a surplus of testosterone. No, it isn't safe to kayak when a tropical storm is coming. It isn't safe to surf, either. The wind can whip those waves up beyond your safety/comfort level very quickly and you can't do anything about it.

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