If your stuck in the NorthEast and you want to surf what do you do ?

Am stuck and Vermount , but I've always wanted to surf help me out?


Has anyone tried shipping a kayak?

Get a nice thick dry suit for winter and a regular wetsuit for summer. There are lots of good spots in the Northeast if you are able to stand the cold.

Northeastsurfing.com is a pretty good resource, with surf reports from New Jersey up to Maine. Check it out and plan a trip to a nearby break for the next swell.

How are surfboards made?

Well, it's the summer - go on a week long vacation down here to Florida. I recommend New Smyrna Beach, there are a lot of surf schools there, and it's one of the best beaches at the best time of the year right now. If vacationing isn't your thing or you can't, does Vermont have any water parks like Wet N' Wild or Blizzard Beach? Usually water parks like that have something like make believe waves and stuff. Or maybe you could find yourself a lake with really radical ripples or something.

How exactly do I get to The Wedge in Orange Country, CA?

MOve to australia or california

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There is surf on the East coast, although it isn't as spectacular as the West Coast, Hawaii or Australia. Still, it is surfable and you can learn the basics there. The water isn't as warm, so you'll need a wet suit. You can also try surf-riding behind a boat. It's a lot like water skiing -- not surfing, but close to it, and at least it's something that is available almost everywhere.

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