Where is the best place to go kayak camping in/around British Colombia and Alaska?


Where can I find a pic of a jet ski w/...?

Of course asking around is always a good start, you get to hear from people their experience.
However, check out this website.
Its a great place to start too!

I am a novice kayaker looking 4 instruction in or around Asheville. any winter pool class schedules anything?

BC has so many great places for kayaking and camping, it's hard to pinpoint. If you want to do day trips, anywhere in the Howe Sound, Indian Arm area is magnificent, and there are campsites available. If you want to do a long trip - four or five days - the Bowron Lakes is a circular chain of lakes that offers spectacular scenery, great paddling and terrific campsites. Vancouver Island has some wonderful areas. If you're looking for wilderness camping and kayaking, there are literally hundreds of spots that you would enjoy. Try googling up Tourism BC for more information.
I'm assuming you are talking about sea kayaking. If you're looking for river kayaking, head up to northern BC, in the Prince Rupert to Prince George areas, and you'll find some pristine areas.

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