I want to learn to waterskii i Cant finding any where to learn. I live in Manchester but dont mind travelling?


Fishing Please help?

Watersports & Diving
Including sailing, scuba, sub-aqua, diving, water skiing,
rowing, canoeing and windsurfing around Greater Manchester.


Where can i learn to work with fiberglass?

Sale Water Park.

Who invented wakeboarding?

to bad you dont live here in san diego i would teach you with my friends its great

How do i start a shoe line?

There is a place near Morcombe. I think it is called pine lodge or pine lakes. They have chalets and caravan facilities and people spend weeks there just waterskiing. Or you could just do as I did and buy a boat and some skis and work through the pain barrier. Oh and by the way. If anyone tells you there is a 5 knots speet limit on the river, just rev your engine and make out you can't hear them.

Were can I find repair manuals for daiwa fishing reels bait casters?

yea no worries
you can do it for free here just bring ya self along
we are at the Eildon dam at the goths bay end.

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